As the administrative cost is increasing and the revenues are declining the education sector seems to be located at crossroads. With the popularity of the online courses, many established institutes are facing a dampener on growth. The concept of the shared device model and third-party solutions are emerging as a saviour.

At Teleforce we offer a rich experience in business management through expertise in technology and domain to help you grow in the learning based model. The solutions that we provide are backed by a gamut of operations related to administration, finance, accounting, and analytical capabilities so that you can focus on the main arena of your business and meet the requirement of your customers in the best way possible.

Benefits of educational outsourcing to Teleforce Global Services Corporation:

We offer transformational solutions through diverse outsourcing options that tackle the huge number of challenges that the education sector is going through today. From receivables to account payables, relationship management, website support we stand with you in each and every segment of your work. We manage all kinds of services related to the contact centre, help desk, HR and management. Our campus management integrated solution extends from related to alumni support to admissions for superior outcome in your business. You can gain millions in procurement saving with us and gain visibility in lead generation based activities.


In order to stay ahead, even the government institutions need to reduce their cost and provide the best quality of assistance and support to the people. You can promote any kind of government initiative when you have an outsourcing partner by your side. In the last few years, Teleforce has taken over a large number of government projects to publicize their initiative successfully with the people. We aim to bring a transformation to the implementation of the schemes and initiatives of the government. We provide global standard outsourcing and consultation in the identified area of skill development, jobs, urban development and defence. Our technology driven outsourcing services provide unparalleled business assistance to the government.

Benefits of Government outsourcing to Teleforce Global Services Corporation:

  • Our outsourcing services can change your global standing by solving the problem of the rising cost government services and poor service level.
  • We also outsource the data entry services in order to digitize the huge volume of data.
  • The government sector can save almost 60% of operating cost by leveraging our outsourcing services.
  • We lead to the creation of service or infrastructure which would not have otherwise existed.