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Our pricing structure includes salaries, taxes, infrastructure costs, benefits and support. While with no set-up fees and long-term commitment, you run the no risk of getting started. So, we help you make savings that offshore staffing could not provide. You also get access to a skilled and talented pool that allows you to have greater hiring flexibility and freedom from management operations.

As every business need is unique, we first understand your business and come up with a strategy that works best for you and will not try to fit you into a pre-set plan.

We adhere to these basic principles while offering you the industry-best pricing:

Strategic location & foresight:

We’re located in an up-and-coming region- the Philippines that has the fastest-growing economy in Asia. The world-class infrastructure and facilities available in the Philippines allow us to grow our network efficiently and cost-effectively.

Business Efficiency:

We continuously strive to maintain our start-up and entrepreneurial spirit while incorporating the lean corporate structure. Our management exists to serve our clients and improve their business efficiency.


We’ve our own in-house team of talented people who love their work and have the ability to do more with less. 

About Company

Based in the Philippines, Teleforce Global Services Corporation is a business process outsourcing and IT Software Development company specializing in setting up, hosting managing operations and developing Affordable and Scalable Softwares.


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