From improving patient and employee satisfaction through automated workflows to helping payers and providers deliver the best outcomes at lower costs, we provide a range of healthcare solutions that can help your organization.

Healthcare industry across the world is facing a lot of uncertainty and risk. As they are increasingly buoyed down by haphazard manpower deployment, old infrastructure, there is a need to have a system in place.

Strategically engineered healthcare

As for healthcare companies, most of the time and money is spent on medical research, equipment modernization and infrastructure upkeep. Through our strategically engineered healthcare system, we help you optimize and make these processes future-ready. Consequently, the results are:

  • Streamlined operations leading to better care
  • Managed patient communications across multiple touch points
  • Cost reduction through innovation in technology and staffing
Our Expertise

With a team of seasoned experts in healthcare, medical billing and coding, medical transcription, we believe in transforming processes that lower down costs and enhance the end-to-end user experience among nationally recognized health systems and government entities.

At Teleforce Global Services Corporation, we partner with healthcare companies and work with healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc. to deliver cost-effective processes that enable you to provide better care.

Benefits of Outsourcing medical services to Teleforce Global Services Corporation:

Experienced and certified staff:
Medical billers at Teleforce Global Services Corporation are experienced and certified, which allows them to exceed expectations in the roles they fit. Our medical billers deliver high quality of service, and they are the seamless extension of your in-house healthcare staff.

Cost reduction: We provide staffing solutions that help you lower your total operational costs significantly through the provision of low-cost medical billers. We also help in improving the cash flow by amending payment per procedure.

Reduced claim denials & enhanced service quality: We’ve our own in-house team of certified medical billing specialists that work with the goal of reducing claims denials and improving the service of quality. They help submit your claims faster, so you can receive payment in the smaller timeframe.

Flexible medical billing solutions: Our medical billing solutions are completely flexible and can be customized as per your business needs. We give flexible solutions to help our clients scale up or down easily in response to changing business demands.