From finding and screening candidates to employee file administration and management, we manage the entire hiring process that goes beyond simply filling the vacancies.

Cumbersome, entrenched recruitment processes often face the challenge of finding the most qualified and skilled candidates in a competitive global marketplace. With rising costs of local talent, skilled shortages, changing staffing needs and limited internal resources, outsourcing recruitment has become an attractive proposition.

Outsourcing recruitment and hiring benefits expenses, decrease time to hire, reduce recruitment costs, improve the quality of candidates and leverage technology solutions.

Teleforce Global Services Corporation recruitment services go beyond cost saving and integrate effective talent acquisition methodologies with a reduction in costs and process-focused models.

Benefits of recruitment outsourcing to Teleforce Global Services Corporation:
  • Streamlined processes and better operations
  • Reduction in expenses for staffing, infrastructure and technology requirements
  • Focus on core business and other important strategy formulations
  • Less exposure to risk and compliance regulations