Outsourcing enables companies to get easy access to best practices and focus on their core business. It helps to lower costs, access talent, gain scalability, saves time and enhances capacity for growth and innovation. And Teleforce Global Services Corporation makes the whole process a breeze by allowing you to choose your staff and assign them work. We manage the tasks like recruitment, pre-screening, office infrastructure, PC’s, IT support, all HR management, and everything that falls in the place of operational management.

Here are some major reasons why you should choose to outsource:

Cost Cuttings: Outsourcing to countries like the Philippines gives the benefit of reduction in operational cost by 70%. As the cost of living and doing business in the Philippines is significantly lower than other western countries, it helps cut business expenses to a large extent.

Operational Expertise: Choosing to outsource allows easy access to best operational practices, which is extremely difficult or time consuming to achieve in-house.

Business Growth: Outsourcing enables customers to grow their business in a smarter way by allowing them to reinvest in growth with the money they save by outsourcing their work to us. We help business to stay focused on their core business, and that’s how some of our clients have seen good growth in their business.

Greater Access to Talent: Often it is not able to sustain the growth with the talent pool of the domestic market. However, outsourcing gives easy access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills. And the worst thing is that recruiting is also time consuming and expensive.

Direct Control: Outsourcing gives you direct control over your operations. It gives you complete ownership to employ your staff and further expand your control. Whereas in traditional outsourcing or outsourcing to a third party you’ve to give away your operation control, there are quality issues, inherent conflicts and the loss of know how.

Growth without Investment: When you outsource your work, you’ll never have to make large one-time investments since the outsourcing firm will be responsible for things like office space and all the assets you may need for your business.

Create Leisure Time: Outsourcing the work helps to optimize the work-leisure balance.