Top Staff or Dedicated Team

We help you build your very own dedicated customer support or back-office staff that is highly motivated to handle your work and can help you achieve greater business efficiencies.


No Risks

We’ll recruit until you are satisfied without any set-up fees or long-term commitment. Our free assessment and outsourcing plan gives you the flexibility to choose your staff.


Build to Last

We don’t just handle staffing or back-office operation but also help you to master complexity and deliver exceptional experiences for cost-cutting and gain a long-term advantage.

Making it easy & affordable for you to grow your business in a smarter way

Located in Cebu City, Philippines, Teleforce Global Services Corporation is a business outsourcing company that can help you reduce your costs and focus purely on growing your business without making any big investments.

Choose Imagess

Our experience

We’re one of the emerging BPO solutions providers in the Philippines with experienced, talented financial and technology personnel by its side. Our management team holds immense expertise can competently and cost-effectively.

Our success

With the aim of growing into a highly mature and professional outsourcing services company, we’ve employed our own in-house talent acquisition team to find the best available talent with our highly sophisticated screening and selection tools.

We build a better approach to outsourcing in the Philippines.

Improving efficiency

As better processes require meticulous thinking, we also do solve all the business issues ingeniously to improve your business management and operational efficiency.


By outsourcing your services to us, you’ll enjoy huge cost-savings and quality work while we’ll work tirelessly to improve your business operations year after year.

Land of Opportunities

With a rich abundance in English-speaking talent, incredible business supporting capabilities and world-class infrastructure, Philippines is the #1 outsourcing destination for your business.

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